2009 First Grade Honey Orchid Phoenix Dancong Oolong from JK Tea Shop

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  JK Tea Shop

About JK Tea Shop:

JK tea shop is established by a group of tea lovers and experts in Guangzhou, China, who are out of love for Chinese fine loose leaves tea, wish to promote Chinese fine tea and tea wares, and share the fun of drinking tea and healthy life styles with all the tea lovers in the world.

JK tea members have been travelling all over tea-producing areas in China for many years, and have become good friends with the tea farmers or tea factories. We guarantee almost our teas are directly from the tea farmers, family workshops or factories, that is why our price is so competitive. Our tea knowledge and expertise grant us the privilege to guarantee the quality before handing the teas to the clients. Besides, located in Guangzhou, where there is the world’s biggest tea & tea wares market-Fangcun tea market, we are able to get into touch with the latest tea information and events at the first line, and share all those events and information with all tea lovers.

Taster’s Review:

I bought this tea some time ago, and it had been inadvertently stashed away with some other teas before I had a chance to try it.  I guess I can look at this as a shame that in my carelessness I’ve not tried this earlier, but, I prefer to look at it as I found a hidden treasure!

And what a treasure it is!  The thick texture of this tea reminds me of a delicious Chinese Hot and Sour soup.  And while this tea does not possess “hot-spicy” notes like that soup would, it does have a savory sour note that arrives at mid-sip.  Delicious!

The aroma is mesmerizing!  It smells deeply floral with beautiful sweet and savory tones to it.  So amazing.

This tea is aptly named.  It is sweet like honey, with a beautiful orchid-like overtone.  It has a lovely complexity to it.  A fruit-like flavor that is both sweet and sour.  This is a delight to sip, and the leaves render many delicious infusions.

This is a fantastic Oolong tea.  While this tea is no longer available on JK Tea Shop’s website, I urge you to visit the website for 2010’s Honey Orchid Oolong, and be sure to visit often to watch for this year’s Honey Orchid Oolong offerings.  You’ll be glad you did!

Peach Passion from Boston Tea Company

Tea Type: Oolong Tea

Where To Buy: Boston Tea Company

Product Description:

Let the the luscious scents of this soft-smelling blend rock you gently in your chair on a cool summer’s night in Georgia. It’s more than just peachy; we’ve infused some passion into our juicy, peach flavored blend of Chinese Formosa Oolong tea.
CONTAINS: Contains 226.8g (8oz) of Finest Grade Oolong Tea
SERVINGS PER CONTAINER: Servings per container approximately 110-135 cups of tea (Note: One serving of Full-Leaf Tea can be brewed multiple times.)
HEALTH: Antioxidants found in tea help to burn body fat! Rich in iron, calcium, & numerous minerals, which contain natural properties that help promote digestive enzymes to break down fat substances in the blood, antioxidants make tea tops toward being healthier!
Boston Tea’s loose leaf tea reflects the passion projected in our company’s motto: ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Tea.’ Our full leaf tea embodies natural beauty, rich aromas and the finest quality that our worldly master tea blenders ardently seek. Found in the lush plantations of Sri Lanka and mountainous regions of India and China, Boston Tea blends its tea to create the heartiest, strongest and most flavorful cup.
Double your tea-drinking pleasure; try any of these flavors hot or iced!
Gluten Free: Yes
Ingredients: Ingredients: Chinese Formosa Oolong Tea, Sunflower Petals, Natural Flavors.

Tasters Review:

You know…there’s just something about Peach and Oolong that draws me in every time. It’s like they are perfect for each other!  The PERFECT MATCH!

The more of them I try the more of them I like! Since I have had a lot of luck with Boston Tea Company’s Teas lately I was very excited to try this one too!

This is very true to oolong taste-wise but the peach taste is just right, too. I will say the aroma is tremendous!  Very juicy-peachy-goodness!  This tea will always get a thumbs UP from me!  YUM!