PRODUCT REVIEW: Matcha Green Tea Lollipop from The Groovy Baker

Where to Buy:  The Groovy Baker on Etsy

Product Description:

*Real* Matcha Green Tea imported from Japan ~

With just a touch of lemon and creamy vanilla ~ a bit of pear adds depth and the toasted almonds some crunch and complexity.

Pretty clear green ~ just really nice.

Made with pure cane sugar, never any corn syrup.

Taster’s Review:

I found these beauties on Etsy one evening while I was browsing on the site, looking for new tea products.  And, yes, they really are as beautiful as they look!

The first thing I taste with these is the pear.  It doesn’t dominate the confection but it does come on strong at the start.  The Matcha flavor starts off much softer – the flavor is there from the start it is just rather delicate in the beginning.  After several licks I noticed that the green tea flavor started to really come through nicely, and by the time I was about halfway through the lollipop, the Matcha was prominent.

One thing that this lollipop does lack verses a bowl of Matcha tea is the bittersweet characteristic of Matcha due to the sugar in the candy.  I think that this is where the almonds really play their part well.  The almond slivers are embedded into the candy, and I found myself nibbling at them.  It offered a tasty nutty flavor as well as an interesting feel and look to the lollipop.  Moreover, the almonds helped bring out some of the less distinctive notes of the Matcha.

I just loved these lollipops.  Sweet (I guess that is a bit obvious, since it’s candy!) but with a delicious complexity that I wouldn’t get from an ordinary confection.  The perfect candy for someone who’s “nuts” about tea!

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