Endurance-Citrus Mint from Sportland Tea Co. . . A Unique Twist on Matcha


Matcha has always been such a hit or miss tea for me. I either adore and devour the matcha (typically a latte) that I make or it is just way too vegetal for me. But this is the year I plan to step more and more outside of my comfort zone for tea, so I prepped up my water and set to checking this tea out properly.

Endurance Citrus Mint is a blend of matcha, ginger, ginseng, and mint with a few other inclusions here and there. The mint is the aroma you really get when you first open up the package.

The ratio of matcha to spices/inclusions weighs heavy in the matcha’s favorite so I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first sip.  Gorgeous notes of mint, citrus, and ginger mingle lovingly with a vegetal base. This tea turned out to be simply amazing and I couldn’t get enough. I was thrilled with the flavor profile of this tea. The way the spices mingle with the vegetal base and create this wonderful tone for the tea,-just delicious.

From the first sip to the last, this tea delivers this unique flavor that I can say I haven’t had before.  I haven’t tried this tea as a latte yet but I can’t imagine how lovely this tea would be with a touch of cream added or even yogurt to make a fantastic smoothie. With how wonderful all the flavors mingle together, there are so many different ways to make this tea even better.

This is one of those blends that could go wrong quite easily but the way this tea is blended is perfect. I honestly can’t get enough of this tea and have loved drinking it in the afternoons to give myself a little boost for the rest of the work day.

Endurance Citrus Mint is the perfect balance of vegetal, citrus, and spices with a kick of mint to smooth everything out. Well balanced and definitely well loved by yours truly.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Matcha
Where to Buy: Sportland Tea Co.

Sportland Tea Co.’s Endurance Blend is a unique mix of matcha green tea and herbs. With ginger, mint, and ginseng. This blend is an invigorating option any time of the day.

Drink approximately 15-30 minutes before a workout, run, or when you are having a long day at the office. Try it over ice for an even more refreshing and hydrating option!

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