#MusicAndTeaMonday: Pina Colada Rooibos Tea from Steeped Tea

It’s not to hard to predict which song I am pairing with this #MusicAndTeaMonday: Pina Colada Rooibos Tea from Steeped Tea.  That’s right…Rupert Holmes’ Escape (The Pina Colada Song)!  But first let’s get to the tea at hand!

It’s funny but I usually don’t care for Pina Colada drinks.  I LOVE coconut and I LOVE Pineapple.  So why don’t I LOVE Pina Colada?  I guess I am just that complex of a person.  Having said that…Pina Colada Rooibos Tea from Steeped Tea wasn’t too shabby!  I think it was because it wasn’t overly aromatic.   Maybe that is why I’m not usually fond of Pina Coladas…I think they smell like sun tan lotion.  Blah!  Pina Colada Rooibos Tea from Steeped Tea does NOT smell like sun tan lotion, thankfully.  It smells like pineapple and coconut.

The taste of Pina Colada Rooibos Tea from Steeped Tea was first – the red rooibos – but the coconut and pineapple fit in lovely.  It was creamy, too!  This was definitely one of the better Pina Colada drinks overall I have tried let alone a rooibos!  You probably have to like Red Rooibos to enjoy this, tho, because the flavor of the rooibos is prominent.  It provides a sweetness to it but I enjoyed it.

The only thing I would change about the dry contents of this would be to have pineapple chunks verses pineapple slivers.  But then again that would probably change the overall flavor so I’m not married to that idea.  Pina Colada Rooibos Tea from Steeped Tea was a nice surprise and a great song connection for #MusicAndTeaMonday so without further aahhh-dooo…Rupert Holmes’ Escape (The Pina Colada Song)…enjoy!  Also…let us know if you participated in our #MusicAndTeaMonday in comments!

steepedtealogosml1Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Rooibos
Where to Buy: Steeped Tea
Product # 2011
Pina Colada, 1.76 oz (50 g)
Get caught in the rain with this coconut and rum-flavored blend.
Ingredients: Rooibos tea, pineapple pieces, coconut pieces, natural flavor.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

#MusicAndTeaMonday: Cranberry and Squash Tea from Handmade Tea

Our Sister’s Thoughts:

I realize that Cranberry and Squash Tea from Handmade Tea was from their November 2015 offerings but I thought it was a fun way to introduce one of many new #hastags we are introducing here at Sororitea Sisters.  Soon – you will see which new hashtags we will be doing and if you feel compelled to jump in please do so on your choice of social media!  


#MusicAndTeaMonday: Cranberry and Squash Tea from Handmade Tea is today’s featured tea.  


After chatting with fellow Sororitea Sister Nichole and finding out not only do her and I share the same birth year – we share the same birth month as well.  I did a bit of word association with this tea.  Squash = Pumpkin…Smashing Pumpkins…YAY!  I was always a fan of The Smashing Pumpkins!  Therefore I thought this would be fitting for #MusicAndTeaMonday: Cranberry and Squash Tea from Handmade Tea.

Cranberry and Squash Tea from Handmade Tea offers a sweet and tart flavor combo along side a sturdy black tea base.  My favorite part of this tea is that you can clearly see the ingredients.  Large chunks of cranberries and squash!  There is an earthy end sip that lasts on to the aftertaste.  I think more companies should incorporate squash into their teas!  Won’t you join us for #MusicAndTeaMonday? Remember to use that hashtag as well as #sororiteasisters on your social media of choice!


1979 Smashing Pumpkins
#MusicAndTeaMonday: 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins


The Scoop on this Cuppa. . . .

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy:  Handmade Tea

Tea Description:


Cranberry and Squash begins with a smooth and creamy black tea base from the Fujian province in Southeastern China. Next, dried cranberry pieces get added to the mix. This adds tart and sweet notes to the blend. The sweet notes of the berries nicely complement the base tea. Finally, fresh dried Butternut Squash gets blended in for an earthy rich flavor that harmonizes beautifully with the sweet notes from our cranberries.
Learn even more about this tea here. 

Sencha of the Autumn Moon from Obubu Tea

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To buy: Obubu Tea

Product Description:

Otsukimi (お月見) literally means “moon viewing” and is closely associated with Japanese festivals celebrating the moon in Autumn. It is at this time of the year when the moon appears brightest, and Japanese eat certain dishes such as tsukimi dango (round, white dumplings), edamame (soybeans), Japanese chestnuts, etc.

Our Otsukimi Sencha or Sencha of the Autumn Moon was named after this Japanese tradition not only because we harvest it in late September when the festivals occur, but also because the tea leaves and stems produce a bright yellow-green sencha with a round flavor.

Product name: Sencha of the Autumn Moon
Ingredients: 100% aracha from Wazuka, Kyoto
Tea plant: Yabukita, 20 years old
Cultivation notes: Open air
Harvest period: October
Processing notes: Light steaming (30 sec)
Product size: 1 bag (24.5 x11.5 x2.0 cm / 9.65 x4.53 x0.79 in)
Weight of contents: 100 g / 3.53 oz
Producer: Akihiro Kita
Expiration: Good for 6 months from shipment
Storage: Seal tightly and refrigerate

Tasters Review:

I think Sencha of the Autumn Moon from Obubu is REALLY incredible!

This has all of the ‘right amounts’ of all of the stereotypical green flavors in it without any one flavor dominating the others.

It leaves a sweeter after taste that is really wonderful!

Call me crazy but sometimes, as many of you may already know, I tend to associate songs with certain teas.  If you were to put the song “I’m a little bit Country – I’m a little bit Rock N Roll” up against this tea…well… it would be the tea equivalent to that song!

It has a little bit (or just enough – for that matter) of EVERYTHING GOOD in a Green Tea!

It’s Totally YUM!  i would recommend it to just about anyone!

Pinup Girl Tea from White August Tea Company

Tea Type:  Oolong Tea

Where To Buy: White August Tea Company

Product Description:

This complex beauty has the strength of a smooth black tea with the mellow fragrance of a classic oolong. 50g bag only.

Tasters Review:

Sometimes I play word association with teas!  In this case I have two!  One being the song Center Fold by J. Geils Band and other being The Bombshell Stamps Design Team in the Paper Crafting world.  So I was pretty excited to try this tea!

At first I thought this smelled a bit like a Charcoal Oolong but as I infused it – it started smelling more like oolong and cocoa mix!

This brews up a bit darker than I expected.  But I really do love the aroma!

As for the taste there is a bit of sweet-cocoa type taste along side a roasted charcoal type taste – a meet in the middle sort of combo of the two, really. It’s a tad woodsy but very nice!  I like this one a lot!

Another wonderful tea from White August!

Green Tea and Honey – Bob’s Mellow Mood from Marley’s Beverage Company

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To By: Marley’s Beverage Company

Product Description:

Marley Beverages have developed a special blend of ingredients that will calm your soul and ease your mind. Marley Mellow Mood is not an energy drink but a relaxation drink. With all the chaos around the world we feel that it is important for everyone to be able to relax, whether your stressed or wanting to mellow down, Marley Mellow Mood is your premium relaxation drink.

Marley Beverage Company has launched a premium line of natural and healthful beverage products to coincide with the iconic cultural image and universal recognition of Bob Marley. MBC first launched 100% all natural relaxation beverages followed by high quality teas, carbonated beverages, and soon we will have juices and coffee drinks. MBC is currently has supplied products in select North American geographic regions and plans to launch additional international markets in Fall 2010.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Valerian Root Extract, Lemon Balm, Chamomile Flower Extract, Hops Extract, Passionflower Extract, Melatonin, pure cane sugar, honey

Tasters Review:

It’s rare that I review a Bottled Tea but this one was just too interesting to pass up!

I want to start of by saying…I’m a fan of his music and his family’s charity work.  I have been to the Bob Marley Cafe in Orlando.  I have over 14 of his CDs.  Yeah…I guess you could say I’m a Bob Marley fan.

My parents recently surprised me with a groovy lil glass bottle of Bob Marley Iced Tea waiting.

I’m not going to lie…I was a little skeptical.  BUT…this iced tea was REALLY GOOD.   I mean REALLY GOOD.  Sure, it was sweet from the pure cane sugar and honey but it was mellow or what I like to call a “more pale type of sweet”.  It wasn’t overly sweet nor was it artificial tasting like many bottled iced teas can be.  I might say this is my new favorite bottled sweetened iced tea!  I am looking forward to trying the other 3.

This was a mellower juicy green tea that was sugary-sweet and didn’t leave a weird aftertaste, thankfully.  I ended up REALLY liking this and was very surprised!

Because this is a MELLOW MOOD tea – I will say that it lives up to its name.  It’s not often anything makes me drowsy but this actually did.  I will say that on the back of the bottle it does say not to exceed more than 2 bottles in one day and to space them out so they aren’t back-to-back.

I’ll leave you this morning with ONE LOVE by Bob Marley…