Product Review: Marley’s Mellow Mood Lite – Half Lemonade Half Tea from Marley Beverages

Tea Type: Black Tea Base

Where To Buy: Marley Beverages

Product Description:

Lemonade & Tea – All Natural Relaxation Marley’s Mellow Mood Lite – Half Lemonade – Half Tea.  Reduces stress & relives tension – decaffeinated.


Water, Sugar, Erythritol, Black Tea, Pear Juice Concentrate, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Sodium Citrate, Stevia Leaf Extract.

Also contains: Chamomile Extract, Lemon Balm Extract, Valerian Root Extract, Hops Extract (Flower), Passion Flower Extract, Melatonin.

Tasters Review:

Most of you who have been following this site for a while know I am a Bob Marley Fan.  You may also know that we have reviewed other Marley Beverage Products here in the past.  I, for one, enjoy them!

What you may NOT know (yet) is that our Marley’s Mellow Mood Reviews have brought us LOTS of new readers!  We always welcome them with open arms!  Just as Bob would!  You see…Anne and I have the capabilities to see which keywords from which search engines bring us clicks.  TONS of them are because of our reviews on Marley’s Mellow Mood Products – this makes us VERY happy!  This means that LOTS of people out there are thinking and researching these products!  And for them to take the time to visit our site – we are ALWAYS grateful!   So, once again, WELCOME to those who are visiting specifically for the Marley Beverage reviews!  We hope you bookmark us!  And welcome back to our occasional as well as loyal visitors!

Having said all of that – we have another Marley’s Mellow Mood product review today!  This time around we are featuring their Half Lemonade – Half Tea.

It certainly looks like iced tea in the bottle which carries the very recognizable Marley label!  (Yes, I collect the bottles!  I save at least one of each product!)

Once I cracked the cap there was a mellow yet sweet lemony and iced tea aroma coming from the bottle.  It’s very pleasing!

I would say there is more lemonade than iced tea taste – at first taste – but the flavor is perfect!  The Lemonade is a sweeter lemonade not a puckery one.  The lemonade flavor itself reminds me of that fresh squeezed lemonade you get at those street fair stands – the ones where they squeeze it upon ordering and add real sugar to it right in front of you and then drop in lemon chunks to top it off!   Yeah!  That kind of Lemonade!  The tea IS present but underneath.  I can notice the tea taste linger a bit more at the end of the sip and on to the aftertaste.

Years ago my Grandfather used to make sun tea.  I’m not sure if everyone who makes sun tea makes it the way he did but I will tell you it was THAT memorable.  And this reminds me of it a little.  He used to put several plain black tea bags in a glass see-thru pitcher or jug with water and let it sit in the Florida Sun all day…easy as that!  Sometimes he would add fresh, whole lemons halved or sliced, even!  Once the tea water was to the shade of dark he was looking for he would then bring it inside and add ice.  Sometimes he would squeeze more lemon juice in there.  And, of course, sometimes he would make it into his afternoon tonic.  Regardless – this flavor remind me of him.

Even tho this is sweet – it’s fairly smooth, too!  I think that helps with the aftertaste.  Many of you know I am pretty particular about aftertastes!  This is very nice!  It’s gently lingers but it’s not too overpowering and it doesn’t have a funky artificial aftertaste to it…it’s a simple lemon and tea hint.

I really think the market for this product is limitless!  You have those interested in TEA, those into Lemonade, and those who are looking for a combo of the two.  In addition, most people who are fans of Bob Marley – or any of the Marleys and/or the charities they support are apt to try this product!  PLUS…you have the natural and health aspects of the product!  AND…the Marley Beverage Company is doing a lot to promote these great products!  With their internet presence, social media, displays are various health food stores and chain stores, as well as being involved with a few Summer Festivals – they also support various charities – which I have mentioned in my previous reviews.  More recently I read that the Marley’s donated $100,000 to Charity Water!  That’s wonderful!  I’m so happy Marley Beverages is coming out with more Tea Products!  And we are very excited to try them and review them!

This is another winner from Marley Beverages!  The flavor is natural, REAL, flavorful, and darn right tasty!  On a personal level it takes me back to my childhood and memories of my Grandfather who I miss very much.  It also is a wonderful tribute to Bob Marley and he would be proud to have his face on this product!  Another GREAT JOB, Marley’s!  From your friends at Sororitea Sisters!