Peach Habenero Salsa from A Quarter To Tea. . . . .

My stepdad is the hot sauce king. The man can handle heat. I don’t do too bad but he is a beast. The rest of my family…not so great with spice. So, when my sister and I were at the One of a Kind show not too long ago and we were looking to get my step dad some hot sauces, it was put on me to try them out. Habeneros were just the tip of the iceberg…well, more like a volcano. One particularly hot concoction was made by a farmer that crossbred peaches with hot peppers and that really took me by surprise. Funny enough, the vendors all kept telling me that I had some incredibly high tolerance for spice which means I guess I kept my cool but at some point I was dying inside. Nonetheless, spice is relative and I have yet to find a “spicy tea” that truly took my back. Let’s see how this goes.

Alright so its no hybrid peach/pepper level of spice but there is a slight tingle from the heat that hits the back of your throat. It’s actually got a nice sweet heat flavor with the juicy peach that sets in just before the habenero/ginger surprises you. I think what actually is an understated player here is the cucumber. The peach melts away to the cooling cucumber which, to me, is what paves the way for the spice to pop. It’s the bridge needed to bring the peach and habenero together and it fills this role beautifully.

Of the spicy teas I have tried,this has more of a kick than others. In fact, I even got my stepdad to try it out who said he liked the habenero flavor. However, the spice is kept in check by the other components in the tea making for a well-rounded and tasty beverage. If you want to burn your face, this won’t do that for you but if you want a delicious tea, well you’ll find that here.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: A Quarter To Tea

This tea is SPICY!

Sweet peach, with cooling cucumber, a touch of tart hibiscus and ginger and habenero pepper flakes make a tea that is excellent both hot and chilled. Guaranteed to warm your tastebuds up this winter.

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