Tropical Spice from Tea Licious

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Tea Licious

Product Description:

White tea, ginger root, orange peel, peach, marigold & safflower

Taster’s Review:

I really like the pairing of ginger and peach, it’s one of those wonderful, classic combinations.  This ginger peach white tea is especially nice with its addition of the orange peel – it gives the tea just a little something extra.  A nice surprise.

The white tea base is light.  Delicate.  It has a smooth, clean taste to it.  It isn’t grassy or vegetative.  It isn’t bitter or astringent.  Just beautifully soft.

To keep up with the white tea’s delicate tone, the flavoring here is also soft.  The peach note is sweet – it’s like a little kiss of peach.  Not a lot of peach, because not a lot is needed.  But, it is sweet and tastes like a ripe, juicy peach.  It melds nicely with the white tea.

The ginger – which is often a dominating spice – is rather understated here as well.  It lends a hint of peppery taste to the cup.  Just enough to keep it interesting without overthrowing the balance of flavors.

A very good ginger peach tea – delicious hot or cold.  This is a favorite tea after meals because the ginger aids in digestion and the lovely sweetness of the peach is a bit like dessert in a teacup!  Tasty!