Rainbow Sherbet from 52Teas

rainbowsherbetTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Product Description:

We’ve blended our premium Indian black teas with real freeze-dried orange sections, freeze-dried raspberries and natural lime, orange and raspberry flavors (with just a touch of natural vanilla flavor to give it that smooth sherbet essence).

This tea SMELLS simply INCREDIBLE, like you just popped open a carton of rainbow sherbet, and the flavor is like someone melted a scoop of rainbow sherbet in your tea. Lime, orange, raspberry–who knew such an unusual combination would prove to be so delicious?

Taster’s Review:

The moment I tore open the pouch of this tea, I was blown away!  This smells AMAZING!  Not like amazing, but Ahhhh-MAZ-ing!  But, I must disagree with the above description about the aroma, because this smells way better than any rainbow sherbet I’ve ever opened.  It smells like rainbow sherbet times 10!

And it tastes as incredible as it smells.  I brewed my first cup of this to drink hot, because I generally taste all teas hot first.  Then I brewed a pitcher full of it to enjoy for iced tea the next day.  And as stunning as it is hot, I like this one better iced – it is so refreshing and delicious.

Everything is in pleasing harmony with this tea.  The combination of black teas (52Teas uses a blend of Nilgiri and Assam as their base) is strong and delicious; it melds well with the fruit flavors.

The fruit flavors are very well balanced:  while I can taste notes of raspberry, lime and orange, they aren’t too aggressive and they do not attempt to overpower each other.  The raspberry is sweet with a berry tartness, the lime is citrus-y sour, and the orange is sweet and juicy.  YUM!

The vanilla note is very slight here, it is more of a slight creaminess and sweetness rather than a strong vanilla essence, and it does give the overall cup a sherbet/dessert-y kind of taste.

This is definitely another winner from 52Teas.  I absolutely LOVE this one!

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