2006 Twin Elephants Tea Trail Commemorative Shu from Verdant Tea

Tea Type: Pu-erh

Where To Buy: Verdant Tea

Product Description:

Year: 2006

Dry Leaf: Small black leaves and vibrant orange curled buds.

Aroma: Musty notes of a long-extinguished campfire, and the smells of hot chocolate and oatmeal with raisins.

Tea Color: The dark red-brown of rosewood, completely crystalline with tea oil swirling on the surface.

Taste through early steepings: Assertive and literally mouth watering spearmint and cedar notes which quickly evaporate off the palate leaving the sweetness of flaky pasty and dark mission figs. A few steepings in, a warmth builds up in the throat like the glow of red wine.

Taste in middle to late steepings: The dark fig sweetness develops into a deeply complex spice of ginger and ceylon cinnamon with hints of cracked peppercorn, while paradoxically becoming cooling on the tongue. The tip of the tongue is engaged by the subdued sweetness of raw sugar.

Steeped Leaf: Dark mahogany brown, with buds still tightly coiled.

Notes: This brick is an excellent investment. At a lower price point, this tea offers an incredibly intriguing and diverse set of flavors that could only grow with time.

Tasters Review:

Right up front I will say that this pu-erh blew me away!  My favorite part were the plum and fig notes.  I did do an infusion test with this one and think it would just be easier to show you how that went so – here goes!

My 1st infusion was for approx 5 seconds.  The aroma after infusion was musky, woodsy, and raisin-like.  The color was a light reddish brown.  The taste was fairly malty with a hint of raisin or figs.   I seemed to enjoy it a bit more after it cooled for just a few moments.

Infusion 2 was for 8-10 seconds.  It was darker in color a nice medium brown.  The aroma is musky and of PLUMS! Yum!  The taste is Plum-like and near creamy.  WOW!  I enjoyed the 2nd infusion much more than the first.  I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the first but the 2nd touches my heart and soul a lot more!  This is truly special!

My 3rd infusion was for 10 seconds or so.  The color was Dark(er) Brown…much like a hefty black tea.  The aroma: was a Bolder-Musky and a little less plum scent than the 2nd infusion.  And the taste was  creamier than the last infusion, still very plum like with the taste, semi-mouth watering.

I really like this 3rd infusion, too, I would say equally as the 2nd infusion but they taste distinctly different. This is very nice!  I appreciate the change-up in flavors between infusions!  This is a solid Pu-erh!  Two cheers for Verdant Tea!


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