ITFA Global Tea Taster’s Club, December’s Shipment, Part 1: Red Tea

Leaf Type:  Black

Produced By PT Harendong Green Farm

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About ITFA Global Tea Taster’s Club:

By subscribing to the Global Tea Tasters Club, you will receive tea from ITFA tea farms 6 times per year. Each time, we will select a different region to feature and as we grow in tea farm members, so will your tea experience.

Your tea will also be accompanied by info about the tea and the tea farms themselves.

To know where your tea is coming from, who has grown and produced it, to taste the difference in teas from around the world…what could be better?

Taster’s Review:

December’s Shipment of the Global Tea Taster’s Club is here!  I get so excited every time this package arrives, because I know I am about to enjoy tea that I would likely never have the chance to try if it were not for the International Tea Farm Alliance (ITFA).  This time, we journey to Indonesia to sample the red tea (or what we would refer to as black tea here in the United States) from PT Harendong Green Farm. 

This is truly a unique black tea, quite unlike anything I’ve tried thus far.  The dry leaves are very dark (which was expected), and they have been rolled into pellets resembling an Oolong (well, except for the dark color!)  The dry leaf aroma is floral and slightly earthy, reminiscent of the air in early spring.  It infuses to a coppery brown color with a fragrance that is quite similar to the scent of the dry leaf.  It is one of those intriguing scents that draws you in and beckons you to sip.

The flavor is amazing.  There are earthy tones with hints of flower in the background, with a foreground of sweet, malty tones, as well as a caramel-like flavor.  There is a taste that is similar to freshly baked bread.  Our local grocery store has freshly baked French bread daily at 4 o’clock pm (also at 5 and 6 o’clock), and my family and I love arriving there just in time to get a hot loaf of bread, and we eat it immediately.  No butter, no jam – just the piping hot bread – the crust is tender and chewy, with just the right amount of crunch to it, and the inside is soft and warm.  And that tender, chewy crust is my favorite part, and this tea has a flavor that to it that reminds me of that chewy, deliciously caramel-brown crust.

There are also delicious hints of cocoa in this – rich and chocolatey – that develop as I continue to sip.  The finish is dry with a sweet aftertaste.

A truly remarkable tea from Indonesia.  I am honored that I had the chance to try it!

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