Black Tea & Ginger Blend from Chiang Rai Tea House

BlackTeawithGinger1Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Chiang Rai Tea House

Tea Description:

If you need an extra boost, try some black tea with ginger, an energizing root that helps fight just about any infection. A perfect hot drink for those cold winters days or when you need a lil’ pick me up!

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Taster’s Review:

In the early days of spring, I find that my allergies are on overdrive.  I have issues with my allergies year round (believe it or not!  Hey, I live in the Pacific Northwest!) but in the spring, even my every day allergy medication doesn’t do enough to power away the allergy symptoms all the time.

So I find teas like this Black Tea & Ginger Blend from Chiang Rai Tea House to be particularly comforting when I get to feeling kind of blah from my allergies.  The warmth of the ginger help soothe the swollen throat and the peppery spice of the ginger enliven the taste buds.  It’s a tea that I find both soothing and invigorating!

BlackTeawithGingerI could smell the ginger immediately upon opening the pouch.  The ingredient list shows that this is 60% tea and 40% ginger – which is quite a bit of ginger!  And it’s evident in the flavor – there’s a powerful kick to this!

The black tea base is a Thai black tea and it’s a smooth tasting tea.  It’s not bitter or astringent.  It’s nicely round with a pleasant flavor.  I’d categorize it as a medium-bodied tea and it has a pleasantly soft, thick texture.  I taste notes of molasses and leather.

There is a lot of ginger to this and it adds a spicy kick to the cup.  But I still can taste the black tea.  The ginger isn’t overpowering the black tea, although the amount of ginger-y flavor does hinder my ability to talk much about what I’m tasting with the black tea.  I taste black tea and I taste ginger.  I don’t taste a lot of specific black tea notes other than an undertone of molasses and a hint of leather here and there.

In most cases, I would find that disturbing but I rather like the ginger taste.  I like the way the flavors are presenting themselves.  It’s warm, comforting and soothing.  I like that I taste a lot of ginger but I can still taste the black tea.

A nice first experience with this new-to-me tea company!

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