Peach Melba from Mahamosa Gourmet Teas, Spices, and Herbs

Peach Melba from Mahamosa Gourmet Teas, Spices, and Herbs
Peach Melba from Mahamosa Gourmet Teas, Spices, and Herbs

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Fruit Tisane

Where to Buy: Mahamosa Gourmet Teas, Spices, and Herbs

Tea Description:

Peaches, hibiscus, apple bits, elderberries, and sunflower petals with peach cream flavor.

Time: 10-12 minutes; Temperature: 203-212⁰F: 1-2 level tsp./6 oz serving

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Taster’s Review:

Peach Melba from Mahamosa Gourmet Teas, Spices, and Herbs is a sweet, tangy, treat.

I want to address the hibiscus in this blend. Its done so well! I am not one to favor hibiscus in any amount. I see no need for it 99% of the time, however in this blend it actually does something good! To begin, it provides the right amount of tart to make this rather sweet tea balanced. Secondly, it does not cover all the other flavors in the tisane.

Often times I think tea companies add hibiscus because it is so inexpensive and helps to expand the blend, however in this case Mahamosa has done right by this blend.

The peach flavor comes through nicely and the creamy flavor is present. The apple flavors taste as if they were fresh apples picked right from the teas in an orchard! The elderberries, which I love, happen to have a very fresh and slightly tart flavor too but that is okay because there is a deep sweetness in this tea that needs a dash of sour, and tart to help it stay down to earth.

If you enjoy this tea hot you simply must try some on ice! It is something I can see myself serving in place of juice this summer and far more healthy!

Russian Samovar from Mahamosa Gourmet Teas, Spices & Herbs

Russian Samovar from Mahamosa Teas
Russian Samovar from Mahamosa Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: Mahamosa Gourmet Teas, Spices & Herbs

Tea Description:

This tea blend is derived from an old Russian recipe. As the name implies, it is perfect for serving from the traditional Russian teapot, the “samovar”. Russia is known for its love of teas which first arrived from China through Mongolia. Tea is the most popular non-alcoholic drink in Russia. Zoom into this classic blend and note the dark leaves, smoky in appearance. This blend is highly aromatic. It is light bodied, and in accord with the appearance of the leaves, a hint of smokiness.

Leaf:  Dark leaves

Body: Light

Aroma and Taste: Highly aromatic, hints of smokiness

Intensity: Medium

Color:  Orange

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Taster’s Review:

Russian Samovar from Mahamosa Gourmet Teas, Spices & Herbs is one of the smoothest morning brews I have had in a very long time.

When I opened the bag and put the leaves into my steeping basket I could smell a faint aroma of vanilla, although this is not listed as an ingredient I felt it had to be a natural aroma in the tea. I also was able to taste a light vanilla flavor as well but as the tea cooled more the vanilla aroma dissipated. The flavor mellowed into a simply smooth delicious black tea.

I have enjoyed this tea on several occasions and each time I plan to do a review on it but I just find myself sitting back and enjoying my morning cup which tells me I really like this tea.

I won’t say it is a complex tea layered with different flavor notes or anything like that. Rather it is a simple morning cup that wakes you up gently, smoothly, and allows you to start moving without feeling jittery or anxious. It is very pleasant to sip, welcoming on the palate and such a lovely cup.

I have been impressed with the teas from Mahamosa thus far, I still have a couple to try but so far I give a huge thumbs up!

Mahamosa contributes 50% of their profits to charity which gets my approval as well!

Now getting back to this tea … it says in the description that it is smokey. Well, you know, its not really all that smokey, at least not in the manner of a Lapsang Souchong anyway. Its rather difficult for me to label it as smokey because usually that is a flavor that is up front, in your face, and in this tea is simply is not. For some that may make this tea more or less attractive The smokiness is light, and in a strange way far less in the flavor than in the feel of the tea. I don’t know if that makes sense or not. It does have a very light campfire side aroma but there is this light sweetness to it that makes me think more of a lightly roasted marshmallow than the campfire smokiness itself.

Another cool thing about this tea company is they also offer spices and herbs which I do need to replace a lot of my outdated spices soon, they, like tea, also lose flavor after too long. So for those of you who need another great reason / excuse to buy more tea … there you go! You probably need to replace spices as well!

Vanilla Dream Tea from Mahamosa Gourmet Teas, Spices & Herbs

DreamTea Type:
Black Tea

Where to Buy:
Mahamosa Gourmet Teas, Spices, & Herbs

Product Description:

An intense vanilla taste blends harmoniously with a select black tea blend, to produce a creamy heavenly tea. Ingredients: Black tea, flavoring, vanilla pieces.

Tasters Review:

Dry this smells pretty awesome…a really wonderful vanilla aroma. Once I started infusing it morphed a little. It was like a vanilla/cream combo with a bit of fragrant aroma sort of like a body spray or perfume type smell.

The taste is vanilla/cream and a little floral – almost like a jasmine-type taste eventho I really doubt there is any jasmine in this flavor but I’m picking up a little something regardless!

After really trying to ‘think’ about the after taste of this I finally realized what it was…it was the black tea base – it’s strong and malty with hints of cocoa powder almost…which linger. There is a mysterious spec of smokiness, too, in the black tea base. With all of these tasting-features it makes for a unique combo – one that I doubt I have ever had in a vanilla flavored black tea before. That, in itself, I appreciate.

This is pretty good. Different than I was expecting, but good.