Lychee Black Tea from Starwest Botanicals

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Starwest Botanicals

Product Description:

A base of black OP leaf scented with the essence of the Lychee fruit. This tea has a natural, sweet and very aromatic character.

Tasters Review:

Lychees.  Lychees and I have a history…an on again – off again type relationship.  It all started when I was 16 and worked at a grocery store.  Every time we received a shipment of a new, rare, or strange fruit or vegetable I HAD to try it!  This was one of those times.  I had been reading up on Lychees – how they were considered a delicacy in some countries.  I remember them being $5.99 per pound when I first saw them.  I decided to buy 2 of them and it came to 17 cents.  Yes, they are VERY light-weight and have a hard shell and are red and have spike like things pointing out.  The spikes were not sharp, however.  I was told to peel the shell off and suck the juice out.  I remember it tasting like paint thinner.  Of course, I have never tasted paint thinner but I would think that THAT is what it would taste like.

So, yeah…after THAT I was afraid of Lychees to say the least.  Since then I have had some Lychee flavored things like candy, tea, juice, etc…and I have liked those for the most part.

BUT…on to the actual review for THIS flavored black tea…

I’m not really into the dry aroma of this flavored tea, to be honest.  But It does get a little better once infusing is complete.  Thankfully it’s a mild and mellow aroma.

This is primarily black tea with a hint of lychee fruit. I don’t know if I would be able to tell it was Lychee flavored in a blind taste test but there is a hint of flavor there…enough to say it’s a fruit.

Having said that – I really do like this tea!  It’s very tasty and I would certainly have it again.  I really like this because you can taste black tea with the flavoring in the background…it’s not overly flavored and that’s what I like about this tea!  It’s still true to the black…very nice!

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