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Product Information:

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Product Description:

Domo Elixo is a tea-based drink that dissolves instantly in hot or cold water.

Got a cold?
Sorry, there’s no cure, but if you drink Elixo you’ll get rid of the stuffy cold feeling in your throat and the hint of cayenne will clear your sinuses right up.

Big night last night?
Rejuvinate your senses, shake off that groggy feeling and start your day with a burst of honey, vitamin C and organic tea to bring you back from zombie land.

It’s all good
Elixo is made with organic tea, organic honey crystals and cayenne pepper (great for the sinuses). Elixo also contains Camu Camu, an Amazonian fruit with extraordinarily high levels of all-natural Vitamin C, much more effective and better for you than the synthetic kind found in many similar drinks.

Taster’s Review:

I am just getting over a cold, so I am tasting this at the right time!  It really does help clear the throat and the sinuses, and I do feel rejuvenated and less groggy!  It works!

Before I opened it, I did as the instructions suggested and I shook it first to equally distribute the ingredients.  But beware when you open the package – the shaking leads to some of the dustier particles to hit you – right up the nose!

Dry, it smells very much like vitamins – like a children’s chewable vitamins!  I prepared this like a Matcha, using my Chawan (Matcha bowl) and my Chasen (bamboo Matcha whisk), and I used just under boiling water to dissolve the granular powdery mix.  It behaves very much like Matcha – it even has a bit of froth after whisking!  And, I noticed as I made my way to the bottom of the bowl that it tends to separate, so keep your whisk handy.

This is actually quite a tasty drink.  Very citrus-y, with a bit of tartness, but an ample amount of sweetness (don’t add any additional sweetener – it’s pre-sweetened with honey crystals).  It is one that is sweet enough to appeal to children so it would be a good remedy for them when they’re feeling out of sorts too.

The cayenne pepper does not lend a lot of flavor to the cup, but there is a peppery bite at the finish which is further enhanced by the ginger.  It is not an overwhelmingly spicy taste though, and I find it quite a refreshing taste especially when feeling sick – it seems to really rev up the palate and energize the senses.

The rooibos also does not lend a lot of flavor to the cup, in fact, I have a hard time detecting much flavor from the rooibos at all, the citrus and spice seems to mask those flavors and I’m fine with that.

This is a very pleasant tasting rooibos drink, one I’d like to keep on hand for when someone in the family is feeling down-and-out, because this will perk them right up again!

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