Gunpowder Mint Tea from Jennifer’s Tea Garden

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Jennifer’s Tea Garden

Product Description:

Ingredients: Green Tea, White Tea, Mint, Jasmine, Natural Flavorings

Taster’s Review:

My oldest daughter has just recently started drinking tea.  Before that time, she would avoid tea – and I think it was more about her trying to rebel against my passion for tea than her disliking it.  One of her favorite teas is mint green tea, so I have been sharing this tea with her.  Truth be told, she’s consumed most of this tea … this is my first cup!

The mint here is crisp and refreshing.  Usually with mint teas like this one, the mint is the strongest note and it often overwhelms the cup.  But that is not the case with this tea.  While the mint is a strong flavor here, it is not the strongest flavor.  The green tea edges the mint out, providing a pleasant vegetative taste with just a hint of smoke in the background.

Not surprisingly, the white tea is a delicate flavor with this blend, but I can taste the distinctively clean, fresh taste of white tea.  The real surprise of this tea is the jasmine!  I love the way the sweet, flowery taste of jasmine lingers in the background – every once in a while it peeks through.

This is a delicious twist on the classic mint green tea – and I think I might just like it better than that classic combination of mint and green tea.  This is delightful!


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