Annapolis Treasures from Capital Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black & Green Teas

Where to Buy:  Capital Teas

Tea Description:

Capital Teas began in Annapolis and we felt it would be only right to name our of our favorite teas after the place that started it all. Perfectly blended green and black tea provide the base for one of our most popular blends. To this we add marigold flowers and peach essence to balance a most delightful cup of tea. This tea makes a wonderful accompaniment for a light luncheon or bridal shower menu.

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Taster’s Review:

This is a very interesting blend.

Upon opening the package, I discovered the most wonderful peach fragrance!  It smells so vibrant and simply amazing … like a fresh peach that’s just been picked from the tree and is still warm from the sun!  The aroma softens quite a bit after the tea has been brewed, but it still smells delicious.  The infusion smells not only of peaches but also has the fresh notes of green tea and the earthy tones of black tea.

The flavor is very pleasant.  The peach is a prominent flavor, but, it does not overwhelm.  I like that I can taste both the black and green teas in this.  The black tea is the strongest flavor of the two tea types, but it is a lighter black tea flavor.   This is due not only to the presence of the green tea in this blend, but also due to the fact that the tea is brewed at a lower temperature than a “black tea only” blend would be. The green tea is light and fresh, and accentuates the fresh notes of the peach very well.

I am very impressed with this blend, and I also am happy that Capital Teas has included brewing suggestions for this tea on their website.  I know that when it comes to blended teas like this one, it can be confusing on how to brew it.  I brewed this using a low temperature like I would for a green tea (175°F – as recommended), and 2 1/2 minutes steep time, and I’m very happy with the flavor of this cup!  Lots of sweet, juicy peach flavor, and pleasant tea tones that enrich the cup.

Capital Teas is a company that is new to me, but, so far, I’m really impressed with what I’m tasting from them!

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