Guayusa Tea With Mint from Stash Tea Company

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Stash Tea Company

Product Description:

GUAYUSA (gwhy-you-sa) is a rare herbal tea produced from the leaves of a holly tree (ilex guayusa) native to the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador. Guayusa is naturally caffeinated and has an awakening effect similar to coffee and yerba mate. For this signature blend, Guayusa is paired with peppermint and spearmint for a refreshing, rejuvenating blend.

Tasters Review:

Many of you know I LOVE Mint!  The MORE Mint the Merrier for me!  With this Guayusa with mint from Stash it has more mint than Guayusa and I am totally fine with that!  The mint is strong but refreshing!  I like this a lot!!!  It’s Crisp, clean, helps clear the senses, too!   This is a wonderfully flavored Guayusa!  NICELY DONE Stash!!

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