A Raspberry in Paris Rooibos from Bernideen’s

Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Bernideen’s

Bernideen’s Blog

Tisane Description:

Spritely notes of raspberry come to the fore with light overtones of rooibos. Perfect raspberry jam finish.

Taster’s Review:

Another tea (or, in this case, tisane!) from the lovely Bernideen in Colorado City!

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to trying this tisane.  I’m not big on rooibos, as I’ve professed many times.  But, again, to be honest, lately it would seem that I find more rooibos blends that I enjoy than those that I do not.  And this is one that I’m really enjoying!

But what makes this so enjoyable is not the rooibos, but the raspberry.  This IS raspberry!  I don’t think I’ve tasted a tea or tisane that has been more true to the fruit than this.  This tastes like I just bit into a fresh, ripe raspberry.  All that’s missing is the seeds (which I don’t like anyway, so I’m not missing them at all!)

That’s not to say that the rooibos is not at all present in this cup, because I do taste a light woody tone of the rooibos.  But what makes this tisane work so well, I think, is that the raspberry flavoring seems to have brought out some of the subtle fruit notes of the rooibos which are often missed in other rooibos blends.

This tastes sweet with just a hint of that berry tartness, and the sip seems to sparkle on the tongue, reminiscent of homemade raspberry jam!  YUM!

4 thoughts on “A Raspberry in Paris Rooibos from Bernideen’s

  1. i may have to try it. i have many flavored rooibos but none with raspberry. the peach is very sutle, and i am excited to try the mango and berry. thanks for the insite and information!

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