Mint Earl Grey from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

Ignite your nostrils with the amazing and captivating aroma of organic mint earl grey tea. The mix of Indian inspired black tea with an Asian inspired mint flair will keep you wanting more of this fabulous tea. Made from bergamot oil, earl grey’s fruit-like flavor blends splendidly with the aromatic and tasteful qualities of mint leaves. With a greenish-blue hue, mint earl grey pleases the eyes as well as the taste buds. The mint stimulates your senses and offers not only its naturally grown freshness but an abundance of essential vitamins. Mint’s satisfying aroma will welcome you and your guests and provide an inviting atmosphere fit for new acquaintances and old friends.

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Taster’s Review:

This is a very interesting blend, I don’t think I’ve seen another mint flavored Earl Grey before.  But then, I shouldn’t be surprised that the one place TO find a Mint Earl Grey is Red Leaf Tea, as they have the most splendid collection of Earl Grey teas I’ve ever seen.  If you like Earl Grey and enjoy a different twist on bergamot now and again, you really should check out Red Leaf Tea!

The black tea base is very pleasant and smooth.  It has a richness to it and it’s very flavorful, but as black tea bases go, I find it to be pretty mellow.  It isn’t trying to overpower the flavors – which in this case is a really good thing because both mint and bergamot tend to be very aggressive flavors – this tea blend is content to sit back in the background and provide a nice base of flavor while the flavors get all the time in the spotlight.

What I’m finding most interesting about this blend is how well the mint and the bergamot play together.  They can both be very strong and sometimes selfish flavors – as I eluded to before – but, here they were flavored with an expert hand and neither ingredient seems to be attempting to overthrow the other.  It’s a very harmonious combination of flavors.

The mint is not overly minty.  The bergamot is not overdone either – this doesn’t taste soapy or perfume-y.  The two ingredients seem to soften the sharper tones of each other to create a softer minty tone and a smooth bergamot taste.  The result is a very pleasing taste that is just a little bit different.  In this case, different is definitely good!

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