Red Velvet Cupcake Rooibos from Simpson & Vail

Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where To Buy:  Simpson & Vail

Tisane Description:

A cup of this brewing “tea” imparts a heavenly aroma of chocolatey goodness. The aroma is truly awesome. And the taste? This “tea” strikes the perfect balance of chocolate, rooibos and cupcake. So brew a cup, sit back and relax, knowing that the goodness in the cup is also good for your waistline!

Learn more about this tisane here.

Taster’s Review:

When served fresh-out-of-the-teapot-hot, I find this to be a little too rooibos-y for my liking.  I tasted hints of chocolate and another indistinguishable sort of sweetness, but, really, what I tasted was rooibos – that nutty, woody, sweet taste of rooibos.

As the tea cools in my cup slightly (for just a couple of minutes!), I find that the chocolate-y notes begin to develop and they come together with the rooibos notes nicely, although,  I can’t say that this tastes so much like any red velvet cupcake that I’ve tasted.  I haven’t tried a lot of red velvet cupcakes, as they don’t tend to be my favorite cupcake (when I want chocolate, I want CHOCOLATE, not a hint of chocolate that’s been swathed in a red velvet-y color, although there are times when I love red velvet, I like the slight tang of the red velvet combined with the creamy, sweet-tangy frosting).  But, of the red velvet cupcakes that I have tried, I can’t say that this tisane that is in my cup tastes much like any of those.

That’s not to say that it isn’t a tasty cup of tea.  It is.  When it’s really hot, I am not a big fan of it, but, after a few minutes of cooling time, the chocolate flavors pick up a bit and it becomes a nice, slightly chocolate, rooibos tisane.  I taste a very subtle note of coconut as well as an ever so slight raspberry taste here, but these flavors are pretty inconspicuous and difficult to discern unless you really tune in to the tea.

Pleasant, but I must say that Simpson & Vail does have better dessert teas.  Right off the bat, I would recommend their Cinnamon Chocolate Brownie.  That one is amazing!

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