Raspberry and Apricot Green Tea Delight from iHeartTeas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Green

Where to Buy: iHeartTeas

Tea Description:

A light and fruity handcrafted green tea blend with pieces of sweet raspberries and delicate bits of apricot. Wonderful both hot and cold.

Recommended Steeping Parameters: 1 tsp of tea at 175F for 2 mins.

Steeping parameters are recommended based on the way I enjoyed this particular blend personally. Feel free to play and discover how you enjoy it best.

Ingredients: green tea, natural raspberry flavor, raspberry leaves, raspberries, rose petals, apple pieces, natural apricot flavor, apricots, and marigold flowers

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Totally unexpected delight. First of all the aroma of this tea is of warm vanilla sugar and berries. The smell was so warm, so inviting, so sweet, and so natural smelling. It really reminded me of the caramelized sugar on top of a creme brulee with wild berry glaze on the side.

The very fist sip was that of raspberry but it quickly faded into a warm sugared apricot flavor but not a sticky sweet sugar, rather a very natural sugar flavor.

This tea is JUICY! It makes your mouth water and the flavors are really quite wonderful! I could not detect any artificial flavors even if they are used and I am pretty sensitive to artificial flavorings.

Finally, an apricot I can fully appreciate, as I have had issues with finding an apricot tea I like recently. I like the sweet raspberry – not tart, which really helps to mellow the usually more pungent earthy apricot and while I do like earthy teas, apricot and I do not normally get along.

This is an inconspicuous tea, it does not force you to take notice, rather allows you to simply meld into its splendor! I found that none of the flavors fought one another for attention. While vanilla was not mentioned in the name or ingredients of this tea I swear I could taste a hint of natural vanilla!

There were actual pieces of fruit in the blend just as stated on the site!.

No sugar is needed to add to this tea its really quite perfectly sweet and balanced all on its own and I can only imagine adding sugar would make it all the more decedent or dipping some sugar cookies into it but I have had my allotment of cookies for today lol.

I loved the fresh tart apricot, the sharp but sweet raspberries, and the wonderful green tea base. A sweet, succulent tea that truly is a delight!

It does not hurt one bit either that Rachel of iHeartTeas is such a sweetie herself!

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