Organic Ceylon from Utopia Tea

Organic Ceylon Utopia Tea
A Straight Forward Organic Ceylon from Utopia Tea


Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black, Ceylon

Where to Buy: Utopia Tea

Tea Description:

Want a delightful afternoon treat? Try our USDA Certified Organic Ceylon! This aromatic tea with honey-chocolate notes has a medium body and a robust character. Black tea contains a large amount of antioxidant compounds called polyphenols that aid in fighting harmful diseases while protecting the body. Black tea is also known to strengthen the immune system, lower cholesterol, and protect teeth and bones. Small amounts of calcium, manganese, and potassium have also been found in black tea. Try this tea hot or over ice!

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Taster’s Review:

This is a nice basic Ceylon. I love that it’s organic!
It has some honey notes to it and a light cocoa flavor.
There is also little bit of a malty note.
Its nothing that will blow your mind with flavors but it is a rock solid morning or afternoon black tea that I appreciate greatly! It has just enough flavor to make it special, without being overdone.
I can see how this would make a stellar iced tea as well.

Usually in the morning I am reaching for something basic, something black, something with good flavor but not necessarily a flavored tea. I find Organic Ceylon from Utopia tea to be one of those teas I have been reaching for to fit the bill. It has nice characteristics that I look for in a black, is robust enough to start my day, and seems to awaken me nicely. On the other hand I feel it is a fitting afternoon tea as well because it keeps you alert without jitteriness, and also has some soothing flavor notes to curb any hunger pangs to help get you through to the evening. It is a smooth black with no bitterness or astringency.

The honey notes and cocoa notes are really quite perfect and I have not ever felt the need to add anything to this tea.

While I can’t say that it takes me away to some place in my mind or evokes any specific thought or feeling, which I do love in a tea, what this does instead is helps me stay focused on what I need to do in the now. Its straight forward and sometimes that helps a lot – especially for me in the morning.

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