Pumpkin Pie Flavored Black Tea from 52Teas

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Tea Description:

As we start turning the corner into hot tea season, I feel like we have to share this Zoomdweebie’s favorite with our 52teas customers.

We sell more hot tea lattes with this tea than you can shake a stick at.  It is seriously like warm, soothing pumpkin pie in a mug, without the guilt.

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Taster’s Review:

This Pumpkin Pie Flavored Black Tea has been part of 52Teas permanent collection for quite some time now, but it is one that I’ve never tried until now.  I’ve tried 52Teas other pumpkin offerings, including Pumpkin Cheesecake and Pumpkin Pancakes … just to name a couple off the top of my head, so I knew that I’d probably enjoy this … but I just never took the time to order it until I learned that it might be one of the permanent collection teas that 52Teas decides to retire soon.  Since I didn’t want it to be retired before I had a chance to try it, I decided there was no time like the present to order it!

And Oh YUM!  This is really good.  I am not surprised at all, because as I said before, I was pretty sure I’d like it given how much I’ve enjoyed 52Teas other pumpkin offerings, but … this REALLY tastes like pumpkin pie!  Like someone dropped a piece of pumpkin pie in a blender with a cup of black tea and blended it until liquefied.  All that’s missing is a dollop of whipped cream on top … which can be easily remedied with a splash of milk or cream.  And I think that the addition of dairy here really enhances the cup, giving it that creamy note that pumpkin pie has.

The spices are well balanced.  It’s just a simple combination of cinnamon and cloves, but, I like the way these enhance the pumpkin taste.  By mid-cup, I notice notes of buttery pastry.

The black tea tastes rich, and I was a little worried because I thought that this might be 52Teas old black tea blend, and I didn’t always have success with that black tea base … it would sometimes be too astringent, veering on the side of bitterness, but, this is really quite pleasant.  Strong, bold and rich … it does have some astringency but not too much, and no bitterness.

Not all companies are able to get the pumpkin pie tea right … 52Teas does though!  This is really good.

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