Tropical White Pu-erh Tea from Kally Tea

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Kally Tea

Product Description:

Take a journey to the tropics with this Pu Er blend. Taste the complexities of Pu Er balanced with an elegant Show Mei white tea. Then with an added finish of Tropical flavors, it makes you think of sitting on the beach relaxing in a lounge chair, soaking up the sun!

Tasters Review:

This smells AWESOME for a pu-erh!  Tropical but not fake!  Almost Champagne-like, too!

It has a really neat semi-cloudy/texture-type amber color to it.

The aroma magnifies after infusion is complete! It still smells wonderful! Very tropical, airy, fruity, fresh!

WOW! Now this is a flavor I could see myself drinking more and more of! It’s a lovely flavored pu-erh! Very unique and creative! Juicy! With just a hint of woodsy-puerh to it.

It lingers with a smoother tropical fruit flavor that is very satisfying.

Above all else…a VERY nicely flavor pu-erh!  I would certainly put this in my mid 90s of favorite pu-erhs thus far!

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