High-C from Red Clover Tea and Herbs

HighCTeaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy:  Red Clover Tea and Herbs

Tea Description:

A hibiscus base tea infused with citrus, berries and spices all known for their Vitamin C content is formulated to provide you with an extra does of Vitamin C while the Wood Betony and Lemon Balm are known to support the nerves leaving you feeling calm and relaxed. The blend is a beautiful light pink color and produces an exotic aroma of spices and berries. A sweet and warm flavor gently soothes the body and warms the belly giving you a sense of comfort and ease. It’s great warm or cold as a spritzer. 

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Have you ever looked at a tea and just thought this tea is going to be amazing? The smell was fabulous and you could tell that this tea was going to have the wow factor?

I had never heard of Red Clover Tea and Herbs until the other day when I was on Twitter.  I checked out their site and couldn’t believe the amount of teas they offered.  I was excited when my nicely packaged box arrived with a few teas to sample.

High-C has this amazing delicious fragrance to it.  It has that smell that reminds me of apple butter but with quite a bit of cinnamon thrown in for good measure.  Such a nice jelly/jammy flavor. I steeped this up according to the packaging on the tin, enjoying watching the color of the water turn  to a lovely pink color.

Took my first sip, all the while still enjoying the beautiful fragrant notes of apple butter.  Wow.  This has to be one of the best herbal teas I’ve ever had.  Their is hibiscus in the blend but not an overwhelming amount.  Just enough to provide a bit of a tart flavor.  Like what you would get from a green apple.  The cinnamon is lovely and gives that hibiscus apple note something to contrast with.  The two flavors together really taste fantastic.  The cloves are there but are not dominating like a lot of other clove teas I’ve had in the past seem to be.  Wood Betony is also listed as an ingredient.  I wasn’t sure what flavor it was bringing to the table.   From what I’m seeing from Wikipedia, this herb was considered one of those herbs that would cure what ails you. Another herbal that is in this mix that I’m not 100% familiar with is red clover.  Another herb I’ll need to research more.

This organic herbal tea is simply amazing.  The taste is perfect and matches the fall weather that is coming soon for us here in the Mid-West.  I would love to try this tea in muffin mix, as a tea pop, as an iced tea. . .The notes of the apple cinnamon jammy sort really play well with experimenting.

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