Casale’s Green from 212 Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: 212 Tea 

Tea Description:

Named after our friends Chris and Melissa Casale, owners of The Fix Barbershop here in lake Oswego. They were the first local business to serve our tea and instantly fell in love with this blend. Casale’s Green is the perfect blend of Pacific Northwest Peppermint and roasted Japanese Houjicha. The result is a smooth toasty green tea note followed by a clean mint finish.  

Mellow with a sweet mint flavor, a pleasant toasty note and hints of chocolate.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:


Alright, do yourself a favor. . .if you haven’t tried or checked out 212 Tea take a moment and do just that. They are a tea company out of Portland that know how to do tea right. They are passionate and enthusiastic, attributes that you want in a tea company. They even encourage you to send them tea jokes. Now that is seriously my kind of tea company!

This particular tea is something special! I instantly fell in love with the toasted sweetness I was picking up along with traces of mint from the dry leaves. I couldn’t get water into my tea kettle fast enough!

Brewed this delight up with water at about 190 degrees and allowed the tea to steep for about 4 minutes.  I didn’t even allow the tea to cool off. I instantly took a sip and was greeted with some tea loving! This tea had lovely notes of a rich buttery base of green tea that had a nice well balanced solid note of a roasted flavor while the mint gave the tea a freshness that made you just devour it as fast as you could.  Seriously, I have already inhaled about three cuppas of this delight from one session and am warming water for a fourth. It is that amazing.

The tea is a cooling refreshing one that warms at the same time. One of those teas that help you melt the day away while indulging your taste buds.  I will say towards the third infusion I was getting a slight chocolate note but for the most part I didn’t really pick up any chocolate and I am completely fine with that. I’m loving the cuppa that I’m getting out of the tea right now!

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