Lavender Spell Tea from TeaBox

LavSpellTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy: TeaBox

Tea Description:


Lavender, mint, sweet greens and a hint of spice


Carrot with a pink hue


Light and mellow with a hint of astringency, notes of lavender, refreshing menthol and sweet greens


Long, lavender, menthol

Topped with rich notes of lavender flower, this tea feels immensely tranquil on the senses.The black tea lends a note of menthol and astringency to the cup, which enhances the cup experience further.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

What a pleasant surprise…Lavender Spell Tea from TeaBox!  Of course the aroma of Lavender Spell Tea from TeaBox is that of lavender and that is only ‘helped’ by the secondary aroma of sweet greens.  When it comes to taste the lavender is first and foremost followed by a bit of menthol minty-ness.  The best part of this tea is the combo of ingredients which is black tea, lavender, and cornflower.  The cornflower – I feel – is mostly for show – but – could could possible add a bit of floral flavor to it as well.

Aside from the lovely ingredients I also love the fact that this black tea flavor base is of medium strength.  It’s NOT a wimpy black tea and that I appreciate very much.  The flavors mesh well together and it seems to awaken all of the senses!  It’s a “YES” from me…on this tea!


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