Green Guava from Simpson and Vail

CuppaGeek’s Review:

Simpson & Vail is one of my favorite tea companies to review. The crew is passionate and incredibly in tune to what the tea community wants and needs. They provide amazing customer service and deliver fresh teas with flavors that are crisp and bright.

Green Guava is one of their “summer” blends that they have been featuring.  Vibrant sweet tropical notes are what I’m picking up from the pouch. The tea itself gives you such a summer feel. I love how the bright colors pop against the green tea base.

Allowed to cool for just a few moments and I was greeted with flavors that are recommencement of a sweet jam you would pick up at your local farmer’s market. Fresh sweet with a tiny twinge of tartness.  Buttery green tea base brings out a wonderful balance and completes each sip with such a full bodied feel.  To bring out the tropical feel I really wish there was almost a hint of pineapple or mango thrown into the mix.  There is almost a note of a flavor that is missing.

All in all, this flavored green tea is really nice. Subtle, gentle, and not in your face.  One that could bring a soothing tone to a hectic day or even as an afternoon tea.

If you haven’t checked out the fabulous line of teas at Simpson and Vail- please do! I’m sure you’ll find at least five teas that will instantly hop into your cart.


What do learn more about this tea?

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: Simpson & Vail

Tea Description:

A wonderful afternoon tea! This fabulous blend of delicious fruits is melded with colorful herbs and our delicate White Monkey tea. The pale ecru cup emits a scrumptious fruity taste that is certain to please.

Learn even more about this tea here.

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