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CuppaGeek’s Review:

Death Eater from Grimoire Tea is a fandom tea for the Harry Potter Verse.   I just love fandom teas.

There is just something that gives you the warm fuzzies when you drink a tea dedicated to your favorite fandom. But I have to admit, I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan. . .I know. . .shame on me. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate what this tea is going for. After all, I’m one that likes those darker villains in movies. . .and The Death Eaters are right up there in the evil category!

Death Eater  fits the name perfectly. The blend is a mix of black tea, spearmint, and peppermint.  A wonderful combination for the villains this tea is portraying.  Dark and brooding with notes of vibrancy and a cooling factor. . . .

Brewed hot:

Brewed up with fresh boiled water and steeped for about 4 minutes, the first sip resulted in a lovely malty note with a kick of minty freshness.  Simple, yet very satisfying. Found myself devouring my first cuppa and reaching for more water before I knew it.

I know a spearmint and peppermint combo in a blend can be intimidating and for this blend it serves a purpose. I loved the refreshing notes that came after that familiar malty black tea base that I adore. Once this tea started to cool, I was afraid of an astringency factor coming to play but that was never the case. Even while cooling, I enjoyed this delicious minty malty beverage.

Cold Brewed: 

I wanted to try this as a cold brew so I scooped a few heap fulls into my infuser, ice, and cold water.  Allowed the steepter for an hour and took a sip.  Fresh brisk minty notes, the kind you want to find on hot summer days or just for a refreshing cuppa.

This tea is nothing but good tea loving even tho it is dedicated to bad guys.

I’m excited to see what other fandom teas Grimoire Teas offers to add to my collection!

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: Grimoire Tea 

Tea Description:

They were a motley collection; a mixture of the weak seeking protection, the ambitious seeking some shared glory, and the thuggish gravitating toward a leader who could show them more refined forms of cruelty.

Black Tea

Each Grimoire Tea bottle can create 10-15 cups of tea, depending on your desired strength and brew style. Store your bottles out of direct sunlight, and in a cool dark place. For best taste, use tea within one year of purchase date.

Learn even more about this tea here.

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  1. I haven’t tried anything from this company yet! Would love to! And ANYTHING Harry Potter!!!!! YAY!

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