Blackberry Cobbler from Pinch of Geek

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I went out and had a mixed berry cobbler for dessert. We weren’t even that hungry, but we ate nearly to the point of tummy-explosion because it was just that good.

This tea tastes just like that ‘zert. The rooibos and spices make up the crumbles, and the rich berries fill in the rest. There are no artificial flavors in this, and you can really tell.

It’s like wandering around on a hiking trail and stuffing them into your mouth.

And wondering about whether that’s okay. Trails are always like “take only photos; leave only footprints.”

But what about a belly full of blackberries? Because I am basically foraging like a cavewoman every time I spot berries in the wild. My mouth and hands are covered in blood-like stains. Like I committed a heinous crime out there.

What I’m saying is basically that I love blackberries, past the point of acceptability, and this tea channels that. The people in charge of this blog definitely chose the right recipient for this tea. Except they only sent me ONE BAG, which was a little cruel. I’ve had my cup, and now I’m sniffing the mug in sadness. Next time I’m running low on tea, I’m definitely snapping this up.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Rooibos/Black Tea Blend
Where to Buy: Pinch of Geek

Blackberry Cobbler is a secret blend of black, chestnut, Thai, and rooibos teas with dried blackberries and spices including cinnamon. It smells of holidays and home. Lovely blend especially when served with a touch of sugar and cream!

The tea has caffeine but no added sugar. The tea will appear brown from the very real spices added! This is not an artificially flavored tea because it is an actual blend of spices, fruit, and tea that taste and smell of the real thing.

Due to the complex blend or fruit, tea, and spices, this tea is only available in bags.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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