Orchid Oolong from Art of Tea. . . .

Spring is just around the corner. At least in my neck of the woods it is. It seems like everybody is tired of lugging around the winter coats and heavy sweaters and are ready for the change of seasons.  Even I’m ready to open up some windows and let the fresh air in.

With the coming of the seasons, also comes (for some of us) a change in our tea drinking habits. I’ve noticed that I’ve been craving more bright spring like teas with a floral touch lately.  So the other day I prepped up my kettle and checked out Orchid Oolong from Art of Tea.

Orchid Oolong has been a tea that I’ve had my eye on for a bit so I was quite ecstatic when this tea arrived with our other Art of Tea samples.  With fresh pops of floral notes coming from my Wall Tea InfuserI knew I was in for a treat. 

First sip into this tea and I couldn’t resist just gulping the rest of the tea down and devouring several infusions.  A rich smooth silky texture, buttery rich touches, and a gorgeous floral finish.  . . This tea couldn’t get any smoother, richer, or more alluring.   This oolong yielded such a beautiful flavor that you can instantly see where this tea gets the name Orchid Oolong. . and rightfully so.  Everything about this tea was simply breathtaking and so giving.

Orchid Oolong is a luxurious treat but at such a reasonable price.  Highly recommend and one I’m going to have to add to my tea cabinet.  The fact that this tea is also offered in pyramid tea bags makes this tea even more attractive to me.  90% of the time, I drink loose leaf but with having to get everybody to school and work. . .it just isn’t in the cards.  Knowing that I have this beauty at my fingertips. . . .that is an investment I’m going to be making.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Oolong
Where to Buy:  Art of Tea

Our Orchid Oolong tea is grown in the hilltops of Nantou, Taiwan. Often covered in cool mist and surrounded by crisp streams, the leaves are hand-picked and basket-tossed in a process known as oxidization. They are then rolled into kernels that wait to unfold in your teapot. The resulting tea has a unique lilac flavor that is full and smooth, with a fresh orchid finish. It can be steeped multiple times (each time unlocking a different taste), and is also available in our Eco Pyramid Teabags

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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  1. I love all Taiwan Oolongs for their quality. This type of the is one of my favorites (next to Puerh teas), but in my opinion, putting leafs into teabags is not the greatest idea.

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