Organic Singampatti Oothu Estate Black Tea from Arbor Teas

Tea Type:
Black Tea

Where To Buy:
Arbor Teas

Product Description:

This very fine black tea hails from the Oothu estate in the Indian state of Kerala, just miles from the southern tip of the Indian peninsula. Isolated from the rest of the country by the Western Ghats, tea grows at the Oothu Estate amid lush green rainforest and stunning natural beauty. In fact, Oothu translates to “spring of water.” The Singampatti group of estates produce the largest amount of organic tea in the world. This organic, Fair Trade Certified black tea is full-bodied, smooth, and subtly sweet with light to medium astringency.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Arbor Teas’ business philosophy. In addition to offering an exclusively organic selection of teas, they recently became the first tea company to offer their whole catalog in 100% backyard compostable packaging. They’ve also carbon-offset the entire supply chain of their products, from origin to the customer, making Arbor Teas the greenest option for Earth-conscious tea drinkers, and one of few tea companies recognized by Green America.

Tasters Review:

Many of you know I enjoy sampling Estate Teas but while sipping on the tea I like to read up on the state itself.  I’m very excited Arbor Teas offers this black tea – Organic!  As a matter of fact ALL of the Arbor Teas TEAS are Organic and I think that is wonderful!

Upon first sniff of this tea prior to adding hot water to it the aroma was a black tea with naturally fruity notes.   Once I added the water the aroma morphed to a sweeter-woodsy type smell which was also pleasant.

The flavor of this tea is wonderful!  It’s a cross between a medium-strength black tea that is a bit woodsy-sweet and a cocoa yet slightly fruity flavor.  It certainly is something.

The aftertaste has a coca-type taste to it…perhaps a little like cocoa-powder…to give you an idea of what I am thinking for an aftertaste, that is.

It’s a very satisfying cup and I enjoyed it very much and would suggest it to others who are fans of above average and special-tasting yet true-straight-up black teas!