Jasmine White Tea Classic from Shang Tea

Tea Type: White Tea

Where To Buy: Shang Tea

Product Description:

Ingredients: Organic White tea leaves, Jasmine flowers- Antioxidant Rich

Artful and exquisite, combining our high quality white tea leaves with jasmine blossoms. Harvested in warm weather when the tea leaves grow quickly and form sweet, tightly-formed leaves

Tasters Review:

I guess you could say I am finicky or down right picky when it comes to Jasmine Tea.  I don’t want something that is what to strong that leaves a funky-lingering aftertaste like stale flowers and I don’t want something that tastes like hot water either.

Jasmine White Tea Classic from Shang Tea is one of the BEST Jasmine Flavored Teas I have ever had!

The Jasmine isn’t IN YOUR FACE and it doesn’t leave a weird aftertaste either!  The Jasmine is just the perfect amount for me and I LOVE the fact that they paired it with a White Tea!!!

This is really terrific!