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matcha powder

MMU04 / Material Matcha Uji

Culinary matcha. Generally these two words elicit thoughts of low grade matcha with shades closer to olives and bitter in flavor. That is not the case with MMU04. While the color doesn’t stand out quite as much as the other MMU varieties it is still shades better than many other culinary matcha. Nay I would say it even looks more delightful than some premium matchas. The aroma isn’t on the same level as the others either, no surprise there. It is a bit grassy and comes off your nose quicker. The same with the taste. It doesn’t really linger in your mouth and there really is not much umami but it is not bitter like other culinary matcha that I have tried. Yes it is slightly astringent on it’s own which makes it prime for lattes and cooking. To be honest I wasn’t very keen of the flavor on it’s own so I have added a bit of almond milk. Much less astringent. Somewhat grassy and slightly creamy. This one is still in the prototype stage so it’s possible it may change.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Matcha
Where to Buy: Material Matcha Uji
Description: MMU04 is Material Matcha’s take on Culinary Matcha, ideal for Matcha Lattes & baking Cakes, Cookies, etc.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Matcha Experiments with Gokei Organic from Velvetea. . . . . .

With the upcoming obligatory New Year’s resolutions quickly approaching, there will be a new focus on fitness. I’ve already noticed it over the last few days. The amount of ads focused on weight loss has probably doubled and I’ve noticed the tea detoxing ads on Facebook are back.

I’m not going to lie, I started working out today but that is also because my house has been chalk full of holiday treats and I can tell I’ve gained a pound or two.  Not so much because the New Year is quickly approaching.

Today I thought would also be a great day to play with some matcha. Recently, Velvetea sent us samples of their matcha so I thought it would be the perfect time to experiment with their Gokei Organic .

First go around was just to make the matcha the way the container says by sifting 1/2 tsp, add 8oz of water and whisk. The matcha frothed up nicely and the taste was pretty good. The matcha itself had the traditional vegetal taste and the powder whisked nicely. Quite refreshing and warming on a cold winter day like today.  Definitely a solid matcha but I wanted something a bit more.

The second go around was to froth this matcha up with a spot of eggnog. I love mixing eggnog with tea. I typically buy a soy eggnog or an almond eggnog so isn’t horribly calorie ridden and is better for me. I poured in my eggnog into my Breville Frother and added in a 1/2 tsp in, hit the button, and waited for the whirling to stop and the beeping to let me know the beverage was ready.

First sip in and I knew I had hit the jackpot. This beverage delivered a spot on creamy flavor with the spices from the eggnog- really mingling well with the matcha. There was a slight vegetal finish but it compliments the creamy spices from the eggnog beautifully. I quickly devoured this cuppa down in no time and found myself craving another cup.

The third and last experiment was to make a matcha eggnog smoothie. I scooped a 1/2 tsp into my blender, poured in some almond milk, a dash of eggnog, and set the blender to start whirling. In no time flat, I had myself a matcha eggnog smoothie. Took a sip and just had to smile. This was probably my favorite way to enjoy this matcha out of the three experiments.

The Gokei Organic  worked so well blended into a smoothie. The vegetal feel was toned down a bit but still had that delicious creamy texture and feel. The eggnog added those lovely spices into the mix.

All in all, I highly recommend this matcha. The matcha is a great quality and easily whisks into a smoothie, a regular cuppa, a latte and I’m sure this would be a fabulous matcha to bake and cook with. I’m tickled with how my drinks turned out today and can’t wait to get some veggies and fruit to make a smoothie.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Matcha
Where to Buy: Velvetea

This matcha isn’t listed on the site but click below for what is!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Green Glory from East Pacific Tea Company

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: East Pacific Tea Company

Product Description:

This world class formed tea is a traditional flavour from Japan. Green Glory is made from sweet tea leaves that have been crushed up and dried like the world famous matcha powder. Try this naturally sweet tea steeped, or use it as an ingredient in food.

Tasters Review:

Green Glory from East Pacific Tea Company is very odd…and I don’t mean that in a bad way!   I can taste the gunpowder with hints of minty-goodness but there is a texture to it that is matcha-esque but you can’t see a powder or mint ingredients by looking at it.

It’s sweeter than any gunpowder I have had but still identifiable as such.  The mint notes are quite subtle as I continue to sip.

This is a very tasty cup but very different, too!


Organic Genmai Matcha Powder from

Tea Type: Matcha (Green Tea)

Where To Buy:

Product Description:


Price: $10
Organic Genmai Matcha green tea powder is the combination of finely ground organic whole leaf Sencha tea leaves, organic Genmai (toasted brown rice) and organic Matcha (high-quality tea leaf powder). It has the same outstanding taste as our Organic Genmai Matcha loose leaf tea. Organic Genmai Matcha green tea powder has been produced according to the strict guidelines of the JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard) and is certified organic.

  • 40 grams (1.4 ounces)
  • Makes 40 100 ml servings of tea
  • Instructions: Add approximately one gram of powder to 100 ml of water and stir. A measuring spoon is included.

Please Note: Organic Genmai Matcha green tea powder dissolves immediately in hot or cold water with very light stirring. In cold water you may notice small beads of undissolved powder at the top, which are not bitter tasting and very healthy. If not consumed right away, some of the powder will settle to the bottom or your cup, so simply stir again if desired.

Tasters Review:

The very first time I tried this terrific matcha – I immediately thought of Veggie Booty.  What IS Veggie Booty?  It’s only the BEST puffed rice/corn you’ll ever taste in your life!

  • Baked puffed rice & corn
  • Spinach, kale, broccoli, cabbage, parsley

In a nutshell these are the things that make Veggie Booty great!  To find out more about Veggie Booty go here.  As for how this all connects to this specific tea…here goes!  This matcha smells like veggies and popcorn.  The aroma and the taste BOTH remind me of Veggie Booty…one of my all-time favorite snacks!  Now…if you are looking at the ingredients and comparison and scratching your head – don’t knock it – ’til you try it!  Just think buttery popcorn and veggies – more specifically leafy greens.  Add a smooth finish and aftertaste and there you have it!  Organic Ganmai Matcha Powder!  This really is a wonderful tasting matcha!