Organic Soothing Lemon Wellness Herbal Tea from The Cozy Leaf

lemonwellnessTisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos & Herbal Blend

Where to Buy: The Cozy Leaf on Etsy

Tisane Description:

(Organic Caffeine Free Rooibos Tea) This tea blend has a sparkling-like lemon flavor which gives this blend a fresh and lively character – terrific served hot and sensational served iced! This tea is very soothing when served hot with a little honey, perfect for those winter sore throats! Rooibos is an ultra fine, delicate tea and once brewed it will produce a hearty red color with a warm scent. Rooibos holds a superior, natural sweetness that is unsurpassed with a smooth and aromatic after taste! 

Learn more about this tisane here.

Taster’s Review:

This Organic Soothing Lemon Wellness Herbal Tea from The Cozy Leaf is indeed a soothing blend!  As I’ve said before (and will no doubt say again in the future), rooibos isn’t my favorite tisane, but, I find that I do like it better when it’s organic (and yes, there is a difference that’s discernible in the taste!)

I also like how the nutty and earthy tones complement the lemon-y notes here.  The lemon isn’t an in-your-face kind of flavor … just as the name implies, it’s soothing.  It’s a calm, gentle flavor that is a little bit tart, a little bit sweet and even a wee bit bitter.  I find that this tends to be true of blends with the citrus peel in them.  Not a bad thing – the contrast keeps the cup interesting.

The lemongrass enhances the citrus tones in a sweeter way, and adds a hint of smooth, buttery taste to the drink.  I like that this is a relaxing cup of tea that warms me up when I drink it hot, but is also tasty when served iced.  I feel good when I sip it – it’s a very uplifting sort of tisane.

The Cozy Leaf was previously known as Teas and Tapestries, and we have reviewed a couple of their teas here on this blog.  They have a very impressive line up of teas, I think I might have to visit them again when my tea budget allows!  A really nice company and a really good product.

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