RYCBAR by Fandom Teas. . . .

I’m a Doctor Who fan and, even with the information that this is an “impossible girl” inspired tea, it still took me several seconds to figure out what the name of this blend meant. Maybe my brain was just really slow today? Hopefully you can figure it out faster. 😉

I steeped two teaspoons of this tea in ten ounces of 175-degree water for three minutes.

While steeping, it starts smelling fruity right away. This is a flavored tea (raspberry-pomegranate flavored) and the tea liquid is much darker than an unflavored green tea would. That might be from the raspberry, although it’s not really pink; it’s a sort of clear and handsome brown color with a reddish tinge.

First sip: It’s definitely fruity and sweet. Pomegranate and raspberry are both quite tart fruits, but the tartness isn’t coming through too strongly here, although yes, there is quite a bit of astringency. The fruity flavors complement each other well, and the green tea base sings backup; I’m hard put to it to distinguish its flavor components separately, yet I can still tell it’s there.

With sugar: Sweeter, of course. But surprisingly, I can taste the green tea base a bit more now. The sugar tames the astringency but doesn’t really bring out the fruity flavors like I hoped/assumed it would.

I bet this one would be great as iced tea too, but wouldn’t want to try milk with it because it might be too acidic for that.

All in all a fun tea, and one that I’d like to try iced (or as cold-brew) if I ever have the chance to try it again!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea
Where to Buy: Fandom Teas

This tea is no longer available but click below for Doctor Who teas that are.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Funnier in Enochian: Castiel Supernatural Inspired Tea Rose Blend from Fandom Teas

FunnierinEnochianTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Fandom Teas

Tea Description:

A tea fit for our favorite Cas! If Cas found this tea shop, he would drink it. This special blend fits Cas’s angel attitude with a pleasant rose aroma and delicious soft flavor.
-Part of the Supernatural Series of teas inspired by the hit TV series Supernatural
-Available in 1oz and 2oz loose leaf or 10 individual tea bags
-Great gift for the Supernatural fan!

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I admit it, I am not a Supernatural fan.  Only because of time.  I have engulfed myself in so many other shows that this one has just gone by the way side.  Specifically as of late, we have been watching a ton of Northern Exposure and Game of Thrones.  Jason and I have been binging like mad on Northern Exposure and now with GoT over and we have just about finished up with the whole Northern Exposure show, I’m hoping I can jump right into Supernatural.  So please forgive that I’m in the dark with the references to Cas.

What I can talk about is the tea itself.  I have been craving rose petals in tea as o f late.  Something that I’ve touched on in my blog-CuppaGeek.  I tried a rose herbal that turned my thoughts completely about having rose petals in my teas that I drink. Typically I wouldn’t give them a second look.  Anymore, I am reaching out and craving for those beautiful flowers to be in my tea.

This is a black tea with rose petals. These particular rose petals are more of a peach color than the pink or purple ones I have had in the past.  I brewed this up like a typical black tea- 212F-1 cup water-2 min in my glass teapot.   Let this cool just for a few seconds before taking my first sip.

First sip in and this is the flavor I have been craving.  The black tea providing a smooth background and the rose petals added a slight sweet flavor.  Simple but very well done.  This is a tea that could get muddled pretty quick with having too much of the black tea in and not the proper ratio of black tea to rose petals.  What I would love to see is maybe a touch of vanilla or honey added in to kick the sweetness up a notch and giving the tea more dimension.  But even as it sits, this is a subtle tea that would be perfect tea for any time of the day.  Another gem found on Etsy.  Great job Chris & Alexa@ Frandom Teas.  Can’t wait to try the rest!