Mexican Winter from Tea Cozy

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Tea Cozy

Product Description:

South Africans have been using Rooibos as a tea substitute for years. The dark amber liquor looks and tastes similar to tea yet has no caffeine. Contains natural vitamin C, and has more antioxidants than green tea.


Taster’s Review:

This tea has a very intriguing fragrance.  I can smell the citrus notes, as well as the notes from the chili, cinnamon and that distinctive rooibos scent.  And when these all come together, it becomes a very unusual aroma.  Not unusual in a bad way, but unusual in a rather fascinating way.

The rooibos becomes a less obvious note in the taste than it is in the scent, but I can still taste that woody-nutty kind of taste from it.  It isn’t a strong note, but it’s there.

The orange and cinnamon are the dominate flavors to this blend – in that order.  The coconut is a barely-there note, but, it does manage to present itself every now and again.

At the start, the chili was more of a hint of flavor and so faint that if I hadn’t noticed the aroma of the chili I probably wouldn’t have picked up on the chili flavor in the very beginning.  But, as I continue to sip, the chili flavor develops and eventually builds to a point where it delivers a spicy kick at the finish.  It never really gets to the point where it feels like my mouth is on fire or anything, but it is pleasantly warm.

I recommend drinking this one hot.  As it cools, the flavors become obscured.  It is a great choice for these spring evenings when the weather is still a little cooler and I want something hot to drink.  The more I sip on this, the more I like it!


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