English Peppermint from Tiger Spring Tea

Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal Tisane

Where to Buy:  Tiger Spring Tea

Tisane Description:

Our single estate peppermint, grown and harvested in England is probably the strongest peppermint in the UK. It is coarse cut and its pure taste will satisfy all peppermint lovers and because only a small amount is needed to make a refreshing cup of ‘tea’, it makes it an excellent value product. Because of its fragance be prepared to store this tea in an air-tight container, unless you prefer your whole house to smell of nothing but pure peppermint!

Learn more about this herbal infusion here.

Taster’s Review:

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I find that I can be a bit snobbish when it comes to things that are grown here – like apples and cherries and even peppermint.  I tend to think that Washington peppermint is the best, and no other even comes close.  Well, this English Peppermint from Tiger Spring Tea is proving me wrong.

That’s not to say that we don’t have the best peppermint here in the Pacific Northwest, I still (stubbornly) believe that is true.  But, I must admit that this single estate peppermint from England is really good, and quite possibly just as good as anything I’ve tried that was grown in Washington.

Now, I bet some of you are sitting there, reading this, and thinking:  “come on!  Peppermint is peppermint!  It’s an herb and it’s the same no matter where it’s grown.”  But, that’s not true.  Just as tea is different depending upon where it is grown, peppermint is also different.  (Of course, the quality and taste of the peppermint also depends largely on how it’s harvested, processed, and how long it’s been stored)

The moment I opened the pouch of this English Peppermint, I was blown away at the strong, fresh scent.  It smells VERY minty.  And of course, it tastes very minty too – it’s pure peppermint, after all!  But, there is also a smoothness to it, almost a buttery note to the background.  While it does have an intensely fresh taste to it, I don’t feel like I’m sipping on liquified toothpaste.

And it is very soothing, too.  Peppermint is often used to calm the digestive system and I find that after my barbeque rib dinner this evening, this is relaxing and soothing … not to mention the fact that my mouth feels minty fresh and clean!

An excellent peppermint tea.  I really enjoyed this and would recommend it to anyone looking for an exceptional peppermint tea … and that says a lot for a peppermint that wasn’t grown here in Washington!

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