Oo’ Peppermint from Harlow Tea Co

So let me just start by saying I am not the biggest oolong fan. Often times, I find the base takes over and if you aren’t a lover of that type of tea, it can be hard to overcome that. With that said, I am happy to report that is not a problem here. The oolong is present but subtle, providing a slightly floral foundation on which the other flavors are shining.

The star here is the peppermint. This did not come as a surprise in light of the tea being named Oo’ Peppermint. That plus the dry leaf had a whole lot of of mint leaves. It’s bright and fresh and provides a crisp yet smooth flavor.

However, this is more than just your typical peppermint tea. The dry leaf had almond pieces, tulsi leaves, and vanilla beans as well. The tulsi adds a hint of clove flavor to add a touch of spice while the almond counters that with a slight sweetness lingering beneath the mint. I am not getting as much vanilla as I hoped, especially since vanilla-mint, is a favorite combination of mine, but there is a bit of a creaminess to this tea that could be attributed to the vanilla beans. I just wish there was more vanilla flavor.

This is a lovely introduction to Harlow Tea Co., a new company for me, and though I wanted a little bit more from this tea it is still making for a pleasant evening treat. If you are a peppermint fan, this is a great tea for you because it will give you that peppermint flavor and then some.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Oolong
Where to Buy: Harlow Tea Co


Do you love peppermint, well I hope so! This tea gives a kick of peppermint that lingers long after that last sip is taken! Oolong has long, pun intended, been known as an all around pleasing tea for those who may find green tea too bitter and black tea too strong. Love both, then oolong is a perfect combination of the two!

Oo’ Peppermint offers hints of almond and is balanced with pieces of vanilla bean. You may even see some vanilla bean seeds in your tea!

Oolong tea, peppermint leaf, almond pieces, tulsi leaf, and vanilla bean.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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