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Sangria White from A Quarter to Tea

sangriaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy: A Quarter to Tea

Tea Description:

Hold on to your summer year round, with this cuppa. Combines the flavors of cherry, apple and blueberries with a hint of rum and wine to make the perfect sangria year round.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This is my second sample from A Quarter to Tea! I chose it for a couple reasons; the big one was that the other two samples I picked out were oolongs and I wanted to get to taste at least one of Lauren’s other tea types. However, I was also interested by the fairly unique ingredients. I’ve never seen Sangria with blueberry, for starters. Finally, I wanted to find a Sangria tea that was an improvement on the other two I’ve tried. DAVIDsTEA had a seasonal Sangria blend which I didn’t mind but didn’t love, and Red Leaf Tea has a Sangria flavour of matcha I currently own but don’t particularly like. And the idea of Sangria with a white base sounds awesome, too!

It was hard to form much of an impression of the tea dry: I could see several chunks of the dry ingredients in the blend, but there wasn’t a distinct aroma. Part of that, I feel, is that in the package Lauren mailed to me the Cherry Chocolate Latte was really a dominant flavour and I think possibly may have contaminated the other teas it was packaged with or, at least, “cancelled out” their aromas – which weren’t as potent/strong. Since Lauren suggests on her Etsy page to ice this and since Sangria really is a drink best consumed cold I decided to go with a cold method of preparation. However, instead of icing I went with cold brewing because that style of preparation is a favourite of mine.

I do find this tea to be very mildly/delicately flavoured overall, with softer and less prominent notes of apple and blueberry and a jammy stonefruit quality which I suppose is the cherry. I want to point out that mild and subtle isn’t actually a bad thing, however Sangria doesn’t have a ‘delicate’ flavour to begin with so it’s not reading as the most accurate flavour profile. Plus it’s a little odd for me to neither taste “orange”/citrus which is such a common Sangria flavour or the wine/rum. As such, while I really like the flavour that I do taste, I find it very hard to drink this and think of it as ‘Sangria’ flavoured. The name just doesn’t seem to match, you know?

I’d be interested to see this tea rebranded as another flavour, maybe even some kind of ‘punch’? This is a refreshing, light, fruity cuppa but in my ‘quest’ for the perfect Sangria tea my expectations just haven’t been met.

Sangria Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Sangria-MatchaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green/Matcha

Where to Buy: Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

Sangria Matcha is the perfect answer for those adults looking for a fruity platter treat that has a dash of exotic Matcha and tastes of refreshing spices. This delectable treat is a perfect after hours drink that brings its well rounded charm into the palate. It can be taken with a fine assortment of many snacks and meals to add to their overall flavor and also make things more exciting. This fine treat is great for adults who love the tangy tasty combination of many fruits on their palates.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I’m adding Sangria matcha to the many flavours under my belt because I thought it would make for a really great summer flavour to have stock up; and obviously it’s not a flavour that screams “try me in milk” like how I normally prepare my matcha so I made it as a Matcha Soda instead.

This is the ‘recipe’ I used:

– 1 tsp of matcha whisked into approx. 2 ounce of hot water

– Dissolve approx. 1 tbsp. of sugar into the concentrated matcha to create a ‘matcha syrup’

– Cool down the syrup, and add a can of Club Soda

Just being perfectly honest, as soon as I took my first sip I knew that I didn’t like this flavour of matcha. There was a lot that I personally felt was wrong/off about it – for one the fruit flavours are incredibly muddled on top of tasting really artificial. I know Sangria is a combination of different fruits but I couldn’t pinpoint any of the individual fruits that traditionally make up Sangria. In addition, the vegetal/grassy notes of the matcha were far too pronounced for my liking (despite this being Distinctive flavour level) and took on a ‘swampy’ kind of flavour when compared with the weird/chemical tasting fruit notes.

I’m definitely disappointed by this flavour; it’s nothing like I’d hoped it would be and if you’re looking for an accurate Sangria flavour I think you’re best off looking elsewhere. The worst part is that I’m almost certain that Robust flavouring would taste even more chemical/artificial since that’s the way fruit flavoured matcha tends to go but, while delicate level flavouring might reduce the fake fruit flavour, I think it’d make the Sangria flavour even less distinct than it already is.

Using the rest of this will certainly be a challenge for me.

Blackberry Sangria Iced Black Tea from Southern Boy Teas

SBT-Blackberry-SangriaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Zoomdweebies

Tea Description:

Our amazing organic Iyerpadi iced tea base blended with the organic flavors of blackberry, red wine, and citrus fruits. This will delight your palate and the palates of your guests. A great iced tea to share with your holiday guests.

Learn more about this tea here.

Learn about SBT’s subscriptions here.

Taster’s Review:

It’s a tasty iced tea, but as someone who typically doesn’t get all that into alcoholic beverages, I’m not finding the flavor combination of fruit and red wine all that alluring.  It’s just not my ideal flavor combination.

But it is tasty.  The blackberry notes are very forward which I am enjoying, and I taste notes of red wine.  I like that the red wine isn’t a particularly strong flavor, it reminds me a bit of the wine flavor you’d taste if you were drinking a wine cooler.  Yeah, I used to drink those.  They were pretty popular when I was younger.  Boy, I just aged myself, didn’t I?

There’s also a background note of citrus.  These flavors add more ‘tang’ than a real focused citrus-y flavor.  A little bit of contrast to the sweet notes of blackberry.

The black tea is tasted among these other flavors, and I appreciate that as well.  I can’t say that this is my favorite iced tea flavor, but I’m enjoying it.  It’s refreshing and fruity and my palate finds it pleasing.  But if I were to sit down and place another order, I don’t think that this would be one that I’d put into my shopping cart.

But Southern Boy Teas does have a lot of other teas that I’d put into my shopping cart (more than I’ll allow myself to buy! ha!)  Have you checked out their Indiegogo campaign yet?  They’re looking to take their brand to new heights with this campaign, so please consider contributing and helping them reach their goal!

Sangria Flavored Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Sangria-MatchaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green (Matcha)

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

Sangria Matcha is the perfect answer for those adults looking for a fruity platter treat that has a dash of exotic Matcha and tastes of refreshing spices. This delectable treat is a perfect after hours drink that brings its well rounded charm into the palate. It can be taken with a fine assortment of many snacks and meals to add to their overall flavor and also make things more exciting. This fine treat is great for adults who love the tangy tasty combination of many fruits on their palates.

Learn more about this flavored matcha here.

Taster’s Review:

I’ve not consumed a lot of sangria in my time.  As I’ve mentioned on other occasions, I don’t drink a lot of alcoholic beverages.  But I am enjoying some of the alcoholic beverage inspired matcha blends from Red Leaf Tea, like this Sangria Flavored Matcha!  This is really tasty.

This particular flavored matcha was crafted with the robust flavoring level and the classic grade of Matcha.  I find the flavoring to be a little too robust for my personal preference, I think I would rather have this as a distinctive level of flavor and then perhaps with a higher grade of Matcha.

As it is, the flavor is sweet and fruity!  I taste just a hint of a brandy-like note as well as a hint of wine … but mostly what I taste is a lot of fruit flavor.  I notice citrus notes and sweet berries.  The matcha is creamy and vegetative with buttery notes and I like the way this accents the fruit tones.

My SororiTea Sister, Azzrian, mentioned on Steepster that she likes this with sparkling water, and I think that this would be really amazing prepared that way.  I prepared my sampling of this traditionally, using hot water and whisking in my chawan.  The tea produced a nice froth, but I found that the froth disappeared pretty quickly.  The prepared matcha was smooth, creamy and very fruity.

But I had to step away from my chawan before I finished the bowl, and by the time I returned to it, the matcha was cold.  However, I was happy to see that the matcha was still incorporated in the water – it hadn’t settled to the bottom of the bowl.

I find that I like this even better cold than hot!  This is really a refreshing cold drink!  It’s almost “juice-like” with the fruit flavor, and the fruit notes really seem to POP when it cools off.  A really pleasant flavored matcha!

Fruity Sangria from Utopia Tea

Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Fruit/Herbal Tisane

Where to Buy:  Utopia Tea

Tisane Description:

Inspired by the traditional red-wine Sangria, our Fruity Sangria consists of elderberries, citrus, and lemongrass creating a flavorful cup. Fruity Sangria has large amounts of antioxidants and prevents cell damage. This beverage is great to drink anytime of the day and is wonderful over ice!

Learn more about this tisane here.

Taster’s Review:

Yikes!  Hibiscus!

Actually, the hibiscus isn’t too bad here.  It mostly affects the color of the brewed liquid, which is a deep, ruby red color.  As long as you don’t steep it too long, the hibiscus doesn’t become syrupy … I steeped this for six minutes, and I wouldn’t recommend steeping it any longer than that.  Now, it isn’t syrupy or too tart, but, I can sense from the texture and the taste that if it had gone much longer, this would have been a syrupy, tarty cup.

Overall, the cup is sweet – tart with an emphasis on the tart.  There is an pleasant fruity flavor to this – I taste the elderberries and there is a fermented grape/wine-y kind of taste to it, with hints of citrus and berry throughout the sip.  As it cools, I get more of the sangria kind of taste, and the flavor of the hibiscus seems to soften somewhat.  This is much better as a cold drink than as a hot beverage.

It’s tasty, and I like alright.  It’s not bad, but it’s not great, either.

However, I am aware that there are many out there that like the flavor (and health benefits!) of hibiscus, and I think that they’d really enjoy the bright citrus and berry flavor of this tisane.  This may be right up their alley.